Automation is the automatic control of a facility by seamless electronic systems that control the security, energy consumption, management, etc.  

     An example would be an access system that works together with an individual door alarm system that works with an outdoor beam system that works with a hallway lighting control system that gives you a display in the office of hall movement and also shows the hallway temperatures.  

Some security/control options for self storage facilities. 

1)Access/Alarm System: The system is a stand alone base unit in the office with four keypads that controls the access at two gates to the facility.  The access is joined with individual door alarms using Envirocom's patented Trackit roll-up door switch sets on all unit doors.  

2)Graphics/Custom Light Panel:The unit site plan graphics is displayed on a 21 inch computer monitor which is scanning the site plan and showing the door status of all units.  This is coupled with Envirocom's real time light panel, which is a complete facility site plan silk screened onto smoked plexi glass that shows, at a glance, all activity on the facility.  The activity status of all the climate controlled buildings entry/exit doors and halls is done with green and red lights which change from green(door closed, no activity in the halls) to red(door open, activity in the halls).  The light panel is incorporated into the black plexi glass that surrounds the monitors on the security wall display. 

3)Office/Apartment/Building Alarm System:From the alarm keypad in the office or apartment the facility can be armed to signal a warning if an intruder opens any of the doors to the office/apt. or any entry doors to the climate hallways.  An audible warning will also sound if there is any hallway activity in the storage buildings after the alarm is set.

4)Fire Sprinkler Monitoring:The fire sprinkler system is monitored 24 hours a day for water line pressure loss.  If the water pressure drops an audible warning sounds and the status light changes from green to red on the light panel.   The monitoring company is called by the system confirming the loss of water pressure. 

5)Lighting Control System:The climate controlled hallways do not have wall timers(that are not energy efficient) to turn on the lights in the hallways.  Envirocom designed an energy efficient self diagnosing lighting system to control the lights instead of wall timers.   The lighting system runs a self-test on itself constantly making the system very dependable and easy to maintain.  As soon as a door to one of the climate controlled hallway starts to open the lights for that area come on and stay on for a programmed length of time.  Motion in the hallway keeps the lights on while the tenant is inside. 

6)Camera Surveillance System:Up to 16 digital cameras with auto iris lenses are viewed on a large display media.  The camera display can be on a 21" to 42" screen.  The 16 cameras are routed into a Digital Video Recorder that maintains a 24 hour video stamp for each camera.  The cameras can be viewed at the site or over the internet.  

7)Temperature Monitoring and Alert System:The climate controlled building's temperatures are displayed on the security wall along with the outside temperature and the special area temperature(wine storage).   If the temperature fluctuates beyond a reasonable level a warning is sounded.  The monitoring company is also  alerted. 

8)Music in the Halls:Background music in the climate controlled hallways provides a nice mood setting for the tenants.  The receiver can be tuned to a local station or fed with an auxiliary source.  The volume and tuning are controlled in the office. 

9)Intercom System:Normally a intercom station is installed at all elevator locations and at all keypads.  If the project is unusually large more stations can be installed.  The intercom allows the tenants to talk to the managers in the office during business hours.

10)Magnetic Door Hold Open Devices:
Air conditioning is very expensive.  To make an attempt to keep the tenants from propping the doors to the climate hallways open for indefinite periods of time, a magnetic hold open device with a 15 minute timer can be installed.  This makes it very easy for the tenant to hold the door open and hopefully not prop the door open. If a tenant does prop a door open the managers get an alert in the office indicating which door is open. 

     Anything is possible as long as it is planned for.  Try not to get caught in the General Contractor's frame of mind.   A GC only cares about finishing the facility.  How solid the electronics run are of no concern to a construction manager. 

We offer our customers a broad range of services associated with electronics.  A "one stop shopping" theme adopted by Envirocom's owners and staff has proven to be innovative and successful.  Design and installation of new automation systems are another area that Envirocom specializes in.  The following procedures are typical for a new installation:

     1)Design according to the client's specific needs, including:
          access systems
          security systems(gate integrated or stand alone)
          close circuit camera systems
          lighting automation for energy management 
          access gate and door layout
          air handling automated integration
     2)Equipment specification suited for the design layout during stage 1.
          This includes lists with prices and delivery dates.
     3)Purchasing, beta testing and programming of the equipment are standard.
          After expediting all equipment for a specific job, we set the equipment up in
          our lab and test out all features of the equipment.  If a problem does exist
          we find it at the lab first, not at the job.  We also weather proof the equipment
           that will be exposed to harsh environments.  This treatment gives the 
          equipment a much longer life expectancy in the field.              
     4)Custom site installations are done with care and professional expertise.  
          The beta burn in and treatment makes the installation progress quick and 
          virtually trouble free.  
     5)Full support of all the installed products is provided.  
          Often we have loaner equipment available so that there is no down time. 
      Envirocom takes great pride in serving our customers with superior site automation and the best in electronics integration.  We link you with the best electronic equipment and better problem solving solutions. 

New Installations
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