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         The installation of the individual door alarm systems on Storage Facilities has become more the norm than not.   The problem with the door alarm systems is that they become less dependable over time.   Many situations bring about  intermittencies, but one of the most prevalent issues has to do with the switches being used to signal a warning to the system.    Using the patented Trackit roll-up door switch makes the installation easy and very reliable over the life of the facility.

        Once again, planning is the key to success.  Research into the brand of equipment is very important.  Envirocom has had experience with every known access and door alarm system in the storage industry.  Not only the design and installation but also repair of the systems to component level gives us quite an edge over our competition.   We always pass that edge on to our clients by using such a high experience level.

         Many other factors come into play to make a very reliable door alarm system.   The equipment can be made solid by careful inspection, engineering changes, and specific installation techniques.

         For over 20 years Envirocom has installed high end remotely monitored door alarm systems that has proven these techniques to be valid. 

Improve any system with the Trackit rollup door switch.