Envirocom is a leading installation contractor in the USA.  Over the past 20 years we have made major developments in the area of field application.  After repairing every system in the storage industry to component level and installing them in the field we found that any system sold in the storage industry can be engineered to run in a stable, secure manner.  Long term stability on large and small electronics installations is our goal.   

      Working with large companies, individual investors, and access system contractors in Houston and around the country, our goal is to provide the expertise for a long term stable site.  Anyone can boast a one week working system. We like to boast decade long, lightning free, very low cost to maintain, stable working systems.  

The following is a list of some of the equipment manufacturers that we represent: Sentinel        MSTC       Quickstor      Demco
                Wham          PTI             Frame           Mini Max
                Digigate      Minico       Computer Solutions
                Acorn           Access Control               Pathway
                Umbrella      Sentex       Door King     Link
                Elite              Sun Power   


Please take a look at our in house circuit board repair page for fast, dependable restoration of any electronic equipment.  We also repair all access equipment that is no longer supported by the OEM(such as  Property Sentinel 201 and Property Sentinel II 301, 302, 303 stand alone bases).



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