Harness the Lightning

2 Year 




    Choose correct electronics for each application or custom designed self-diagnosing systems
    Oversee installation of all site electronics from start to finish.
    Gate Access with Door Alarms, Security, Camera Surveillance, Lighting Control, HVAC Control, etc.
    PC designed self-diagnosing energy saving systems.
    Provide 24 hour support with remote monitoring of electronics.
    Provide circuit board repair to component level for all electronics.

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Envirocom links you with the best electronic equipment and better problem solving solutions. 

      Envirocom, started by Glen Gilmore and Terry Harrell of Houston Texas in 1983 have provided a successful, comprehensive electronics service to the storage industry.  These services cover all aspects of security and automation for investors locally and nation wide.  The scope of services are: Consult and Design, General Contracting, Site Automation, Technical Support, and Component level In House Circuit Board Repair.  Having repaired all manufacturer's systems to component level since the early 80's, Envirocom lends a unique approach to site layout, installation and service.  Knowing exactly how every system works from the inside out gives an investor a wealth of information available nowhere else. By using these vast technical resources, Envirocom saves their client's huge sums of money by lowering maintenance costs over the life of the job site.

      We use a non-bias approach to select the electronic equipment that is right for a facility.  We brief clients on all equipment configurations currently available to insure the correct system that fits the client's needs and wants.  By utilizing custom interfacing techniques a harmonious system is developed to navigate automatically or with user friendly controls.

      Envirocom is a dealer and distributor for all electronic manufacturers.  We purchase all the equipment for a job. Then all the equipment is set up in our shop.  Once set up the equipment is configured, programmed, quality controlled, weather proofed, burned in, repaired, and tested in our shop prior to actual installation at a facility.  These lengthy procedures insure a smooth installation, yielding a very reliable system without any finger pointing between equipment suppliers or installers. 

      Clients achieve specific automation and integration goals by using our full service electronic staff.  Proper site planning insures a low long term maintenance budget.

      Lighting and HVAC control lowers energy consumption and maintenance costs throughout the life of the facility.

      Envirocom offers remote electronics monitoring and diagnosis that eliminates poor system troubleshooting by facility managers and inexperienced gate repair companies. 

      Our bench technicians diagnose and repair circuit boards for all manufacturer's products.  Loaner equipment is also available for all systems.


     Electronics are very meticulous. If all three areas (choosing the equipment, insuring the equipment reliability, and using correct installation techniques) are not performed properly, the site will falter.

     Another major consideration is the amount of time allowed for the electronics installation.  This was summed up by a storage industry veteran (John Fogg, general sales manager with Sentinel) very well.  In an article recently published in Inside Self Storage June, 2002 John wrote:
   "Steer clear of inexperienced installers. Installation is critical.  Allow enough time at the end of construction, before opening, to have the system put in correctly.  It is much easier to get it right before a unit is rented than after the fact." 

      By offering these services, Envirocom saves its customers money by keeping manufacturers and subcontractors from grossly over billing due to lack of electronic knowledge.


Envirocom Installation Warranty
Envirocom extends all manufacturer's one year warranty to two years. Installation of all electronics must meet Envirocom's specifications for warranty. This warranty includes lightning and power surges. 

Envirocom's Electronic Circuit Board Repair
Envirocom warranties any equipment repaired in the repair department for one year no matter the age or condition of the repaired equipment. 

IN HOUSE SUPPORT 281-440-8196